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Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filters are filters that contain medical carbon (Carbon medicinalis). The activated carbon has a big internal surface that is due to its structure similar to a sponge. Just like a sponge, it has different sized pores. Depending on the size of these openings, different substances can accumulate there.
Organic compounds, odors also belong to them, can be absorbed particularly good by activated carbon. As long as there is open space available, where compounds can attach, the carbon absorbs odors. If there is no more space, the activated carbon filter is saturated. Our filters contain pre-filter-mats to keep away coarse particles, e.g. dust. This way they do not reach to the pores of the activated carbon which extends its life period. Our scope of supply contains activated carbon filters from CarbonActive and less expansive alternatives from PrimaKlima.

The AKF CarbonActiv filters are available as standard or granulate filter. Granulate filters are ideally suitable for high humidity and to 100% filled with activated carbon made of coconut peel. They are the most efficient odor neutralizer filter.

The standard filters have filter-fleece-mats on which coconut activated carbon particles are manually arranged. Due to the crushing into particles, the absorption efficiency gets increased, thus they are smaller and lighter. Additional, the standard filters are often build with a fan into rooms, for the ventilation and odor elimination. They are reliable concerning their air extraction rate and manufacture. A minimum of 12-month performance under permanent operation, makes this a perfect choice.