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Having an appropriate illuminant is vital to the growth of your plants. Photosynthesis is impossible without an illuminant and a correct illuminant will guarantee the survival of your growing system, particularly in winter. We have different illuminants available for you, such as metal halide lamps, sodium vapor lamps or dual lamps.

Metal halide lamps are particularly well suited for the growth of your plants, because they produce light, that lies on the blue end of the color spectrum. However, metal halide lamps lack the required red/yellow content of light, and therefore are not suited for the blooming stage.

Sodium vapor lamps are gas discharge lamps. Through the discharge of gas, light is generated. These high-pressure lamps have a very high light intensity which gets generated by releasing sodium gas. Therefore, they are also used in the theater, in film editing or in darkrooms. They are essential for the cultivation, because of their red/yellow content of light. Sodium vapor lamps help your plants fully bloom.

Now the question is: Do you have to buy two different lamps so that your plants grow and bloom? Because of the dual lamp, you don't have to. The dual lamp integrates the sodium vapor lamp with the metal halide lamp and thus helps your plants while both growing and blooming. For those who want to start gardening at home, we recommend buying a dual lamp.