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Bulbs Flower Spectrum

A sodium-vapor lamp is a condenser discharge lamp, which extracts its yellow light from an electric discharge in sodium vapor. The high-pressure sodium-vapor lamp contains with 150 lm/W an extremely high light output. Sodium-vapor lamps consist of one arc tube filled with sodium and one filled with inert gas, which are installed in an evacuated flask that has a pipe- or ellipsoid-form for the thermic isolation.

The gas filling is under high pressure during the operation of the sodium-vapor lamp. Due to the high operation temperatures (approx. 1000°C), the arc tube consists of high-purity, transparent aluminum ceramics and the electrode connections are made of niobium. The arc tube of the sodium-vapor lamp is fixed with strong metal wires inside the flask, which are at the same time responsible for the electricity flow.

This type of lighting has a color spectrum in the range of yellow/red and is exclusively suitable for the flowering phase of the plants. For the growth phase the needed portion of blue light is missing.