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Electronic Ballasts

Ballasts are needed for the operation of gas discharge lamps and fluorescent lamps to regulate the electricity. They prevent that the discharge current increases unlimited due to the required impact ionization, which can lead to the destruction of the illuminant or to the activation of the safety. Next to the magnetic ballasts, which need a starter, there are electronic ballasts in use that are for a short time shiftable and therefore dimmable.

Electronic ballasts have the advantages that they need only a low amperage and produce, despite of their low power consumption, a higher output, which results in a higher luminous intensity (lumen). In comparison to magnetic ballasts, the electronic ballasts have a better light quality and are jitter-free.

Different than before the new generation of ballasts is shiftable. Electronic ballasts with a super lumen switch are dimmable and make an appreciable higher output possible. The shiftable devices can be adapted to the according environmental circumstances and provide better results during the flower period of the irradiated plants. The use of these kind of electronic ballasts is particularly beneficial, because it can be regulated depending on the daylight and thereby work very efficient.

Another pro of the new electronic ballasts is that they are of a higher quality and safety. Most of them are equipped with an automatic switch off, which interfere for example in case of a short circuit, a defective or missing lamp. Furthermore the modern ballasts are electromagnetic shielded and have a reduced noise development.