• Fan Control

    A good indoor climate plays an important role to ensure a healthy growth of your plants. Especially the control of the temperature and air humidity of a room need to be observed. A good ventilation system helps to control these factors and to react fast to changes of the room climate. more...

With a climate controller or a special transformer, the correct adjustment of fans and ventilator becomes very easy. In our supply range you will find a variety of high-quality climate controllers by GSE in different performance and configuration variations. These so called fan controllers are equipped, depending on the model, with a regulator for temperature and humidity. The device recognizes fluctuations automatically and holds the adjusted values through the regulation of the attached supply and exhaust air systems at a constant level. The climate controllers are equipped with waterproof housings, thus can be used in humid rooms as well.

Furthermore, we offer the innovative products from SMSCOM. The Twincontroller Pro is software-controlled and automatically generates an ideal aerating model by scanning the room. To ensure that the regulation of the revolution speed of the ventilators does not produce disturbing humming noises, many devices use a special transformer. Tapped transformers allow a gradual adjustment of the performance, without the appearance of disturbing noises.

Due to our big selection, you will find products that are suitable for the private use, as well as for the professional operation.