• Irrigation Kits

    Besides sufficient light, also a consistent irrigation of the plants is important for their growth. Here you find different irrigation kits for hydroponics as well as for the cultivation in soil. Depending on the quantity of plants that need to be watered, there are different micro drip irrigation systems. With these, also called vacation irrigation systems, watering by hand is no longer necessary. more...

The micro-irrigation system is easy to install and gives dropwise the correct amount of water to each plant. For that purpose, the included submergible pumps are placed in the nutrient tanks and the capillary hoses are fixed in the substrate of the individual pots. In case that there are less plants, the remaining capillary hoses can be pinched off or reverted into the tank. The water distribution with the vacation irrigation is controllable via a time switch, which you can find in the category 'Grow Accessories'. The micro-irrigation system is exactly synchronized with the pump line and therefore, should not be modified.

In addition to the vacation irrigation for a smaller number of plants, we also carry high-value irrigation systems for cultivation constructions with up to 100 plants. This professional kit is also easy to install and operate. The system is flexible and can be extended with connectors and PE tubes, or several drippers can be inserted into one plant, to water the plants constantly. The included punch makes it possible to place the holes in the PE hose individually, wherever they need to be. This professional irrigation system fits perfectly to our HOMEbox Evolution R240 with 50 - 100 planting pots.