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LED Grow Lights

LED grow-lamps are the future solution for plant illumination. For the plants to optimally flourish there is one thing they need the most: light. The new LED grow-lamps offer optimal plant illumination without waste heat and are adjusted to the growth and blooming phase. This is especially an advantage for the plant propagation as well as the cultivation of seedlings.

Thanks to the modern LED-technology these lamps work extremely energy efficient, with low maintenance and cost-saving. LED grow-lamps are due to their lumen-watt relation preferable to regular light bulbs and energy-saving lamps. The LED grow-lamps are available in a variety of different types and strengths depending on the needs. For small exposure areas and individually composed illuminants, we suggest single spots.

LED spots are available for example with 3 watt, 7 watt and 15 watt. The lights offer a mixed color spectrum in red/blue, which is suitable for the growth as well as the blooming phase. This is important, because the plant has different requirements to the light in the growth and blooming phase and can only flourish good when these different kind of lights are given.

With LED armatures it is possible to provide several plants at the same time with light, since they are composed of several single LED spots that are also equipped with an adjusted light spectrum. LED armatures come already wired, with plug and have a low-noise aerating appliance.