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Lighting Accessories

In this category, we offer lamp accessories, such as lighting control devices, light rails and reflectors, as well as replacement parts. Proper lamp accessories sometimes considerably increase your grow effectiveness and can make your work noticeably easier.

Light is the most important element for your plants, since it is required for photosynthesis. With the lighting control systems that we offer, your plants will always get the right amount of light, regardless of whether you are home or not. Gas discharge lamps are advised to be used in conjunction with timers, as their high starting currents become problematic over time. To that, we offer relays and contactors.

Light rails are modern lighting control elements, which help you make your lighting more efficient. They are energy-saving and are used mainly for growing mother plants and cuttings. We offer all kinds of lamp accessories, such as easy rolls and cables, matching lighting control elements to always guarantee optimal light conditions for your grow and to keep your personal work load pleasant and efficient.