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PrimaKlima Extractor Fans

Circular in-line fans take care of the air transport over long distances. They are mostly used in the industry where they extract the harmful substances from the room air. But they also find use in living houses, where the fan is not located closed to an external wall.
The extremely high-performance circular in-line fans by Prima Klima generate a healthy and pleasant climate in any room. Thanks to their low revolution speed, they are very silent at operating state. The Blue Line fans by Prima Klima belong to the most silent fans on the market that reach the low revolution speed due to a special impeller.

All Prima Klima ventilators are easily to regulate with the aid of a step-transformer or a revolution speed controller. Prima Klima also offers high-quality climate controllers for supply- and exhaust air systems. With the reliable climate controllers your cultivation area always has the optimal temperature and the necessary low-pressure.

In our online shop you will also find a selection of single cooltube reflectors, as well as complete cooltube sets, that contain ballasts and illuminants. With the help of these devices you can control the temperature very easily and reliable. troller.