• Propagators

    Ambient temperature, humidity and light are the most important factors in growing. In homes, air is often too dry and light intensity insufficient for successfully germinating seedlings. This can be remedied with small greenhouses that fit on any windowsill. They are available in different sizes. Very simple, small models are suitable for the occasional grower who wants to support the germination of durable seeds. more...

Coconut blocks provide the right growing base and a simple covering can create a kind of greenhouse effect in the smallest of spaces. For the more ambitious amateur gardeners, certain versions are available that are ideally suited for growing very temperature and light-sensitive plants. Built-in heating elements guarantee a constant temperature inside the indoor greenhouse, for example. Integrated ventilation shutters provide regular air circulation so that spoilage bacteria or molds cannot develop. Growing stations with lighting promote the growth of particularly light demanding plants, whereas the light temperature of the supplied illuminants is usually adjusted to the needs of young plants.

Great success can be achieved with growing stations and greenhouses without much effort. A transparent lid increases the excitement, allowing amateur gardeners to watch their plants flourish successfully. Poor germination is largely avoided and the yield of early cuttings is significantly larger than growing without an indoor greenhouse.