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Plants are in the need of light for photosynthesis - but it is not only having the maximum light, which is important, but also having the right illumination level in your growroom. Therefore reflectors where invented. Formed in different shapes they are used to lighten certain areas more precisely which has an increasing effect on the efficiency of the lighting system.

In our shop you can find a wide range of different reflector types. The hammered finish reflector Vega with its Miro9 coating stands for a maximum reflection and one of the highest light emitting efficiencies.

Another reflector from our line of goods is the adjust-a-wings avenger reflector which is shaped like two big wings hanging over the lamp. The reflector version "large" is well-suited for a lamp of 1000 watts. These adjust-a-wings reflectors where designed to decrease the occurrence of hot-spots and to support an even growth. Depending on the height of the reflector it is possible to illuminate up to 4 m² of grow-area. Adjust-a-Wings Avenger reflectors are supplied with a spreader for an evenly distribution of the light.

Cooltube reflectors are based on another principe. They are integrated directly into the ventilation system with the advantage that the heated air from the lamp will be extracted together with the filtered air. They are preferably used in smaller rooms or growtents with a lower height.

Also preferred in smaller spaces are the aircooled spudnik reflectors which are new to the market. With their square shape they stand for an even distribution of light and warmth so that the reflector can be hung in a small distance to the flowers without having a heating-problem.

If you have any further questions regarding the size and shape of reflectors dont hesitate to contact us, we will find a solution.