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Step Transformer Controllers

Step transformers can reduce a predetermined voltage to a lower level. As the power supply is designed for 230 volts, many devices require a lower voltage, for example 50 or 80 volts, which can only be produced with the aid of a transformer.
As another advantage, step-controlling power voltage can also control the number of revolutions of a connected electric motor. Step transformers are, therefore, often used to adjust the speed of fans, pumps and similar equipment. It should be noted that the device actually contains a motor, which can be controlled via the power voltage.

The fans that we offer can, of course, be controlled by a step transformer, which lies before the fans in the electrical circuit sequence. Compared to a simple dimmer, which is in principle also suitable for adjusting voltage, an advantage of step transformers is that the speed of the connected motor can be controlled without an annoying humming sound. Step transformers have high quality housing designs that are dust-proof, moisture-resistant and splash-proof. Voltage can be regulated in five steps from 1 (lowest step) to 5 (maximum specified voltage of the transformer) and at 0, the device cuts off all power supply and the connected motor switches off.

Our step transformers are suitable for all fans and blowers from our shop; a too low starting voltage when powering up, as may occur with incompatible transformers, is impossible here.