• Watering Cans

    There probably doesn?t exists any household that does not need a watering can. Now we offer them in all kinds of different forms and modern colors. If used for watering your flowers or as a design watering can, for the garden or on the balcony everybody has had one before. To be able to go on vacation without having to worry about you plant dying is also possible with the water dispenser by elho, which supplies your plants with water if needed. more...

The watering cans come in different sizes and with different holding capacities. For exact watering of balcony flower boxes we recommend the design watering can by KEIRA that has the best functionality due to its long throat. It comes in two versions: 2 liter and 5 liter.

An advantage is the position of the handle on top of the watering can that makes it easier to hold it. The watering cans for flowers by emsa, convince with their form and ergonomic and the long spouts make it possible to pour water without dripping. The holding capacity of 1,5 liter is perfect if you only want to water a few plants. The design and the flower watering cans are applicable for the inside use as well as for the outside areas like terraces and balconies. The garden classic is the 10l watering can with a quench head in the typical green. But they are also available in blue, mint and pink. These colors you can get in the 2 liter version for the small garden or balcony.

Please don?t forget that also the leaves of foliage plants need to get sprayed with water every once in a while. Just order the handy spray bottle right with it.